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The Water Cistern

Why is this place so important ?

The water supply has always been a problem on the outcrop of Les Baux, as the rock has neither a spring nor a well. Hence, it was necessary to recuperate rainwater and this cistern supplied the castle with water for several centuries.

Castle area

This water cistern was surmounted by a barrel vault and had two openings: the first caught any runoff water and the second was used to draw water. There are still traces of friction left by a rope from which a bucket dangled. Regularly spaced holes in the separation wall may have been used to filter the water.

There were originally three cisterns. The other two cisterns were located at the top of the rock next to the keep and near the castle chapel.

In detail

There is a trough in the castle lane between the first lower courtyard and the oven house that was designed to channel rainwater to the cistern.



Did you know?

The walls were coated in a render made from a mixture of terracotta, sand, and lime, making them resistant to water.